About Us

Meet the RockIt Scientist


Hello, I'm a nurse and a bit of a Nerd - I like figuring stuff out.  That’s how this all started . . . . During a painful season of sinus problems, and no success with traditional medicine, I turned to essential oils and created a wonderfully effective blend. The problem was using aromatherapy at work could trigger my respiratory patients, so I set out to make it more user friendly.  Through trial and error, I found a perfect pocket-sized inhaler: No mess, No hassle, Nobody but me smelling the stuff – AWESOME!  I shared my discovery with friends and quickly enlisted fellow nurses in some research and development.  I received lots of feedback, formulas emerged, and Aroma RockIt was born!

There are five unique RockIt blends. Whether you have Headache or Sinus Issues, want help Focusing, Relaxing, Sleeping or Staying Alert, there is an Aroma RockIt for YOU! Made from 100% Essential Oils with NO “proprietary” ingredients or carrier oils - Just Pure, Natural Blends in a device that you can carry anywhere.

It’s been my joy bringing relief to thousands of RockIt fans since 2014 and I think you will love them too : ) Check out our shop and discover which Aroma RockIts can improve your well being.

Wishing you the Best of Health,

Dotty Kelley, RN