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  • Self Care never smelled So Good!

  • Aroma RockIt

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Self Care never smelled So Good!

Aroma RockIt

Aromatherapy On The GO

The Aroma RockIt GiftSet

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Our customers say . . . . .

ChillOut mellows me like a glass of wine with none of the side effects or calories : )

Lisa Fitzgerald, Chicago, IL

A whiff of HeadRest is like inhaling icy air on a snowy morning. The essential oils stimulate, yet sooth nasal passages for instant relief.

Donna Roberts, Memphis, TN

BrainCandy makes me feel like a funnier, smarter me! Who doesn't want that?!

Anne, Milwaukee, WI

InYourDreams is the best sleep aid I've ever used.

Chris Dozier, RN - Ocala, FL

How to use your Aroma RockIt

Self Care

If you're like most of us, this pandemic has pushed you to your limits, testing patience and confidence . . . in ourselves and our world. Now more than ever it's important to exercise self care.

What does that look like for you? Whether it's a walk or a hot soak, practicing gratitude, deep breathing or dancing all by yourself . . . Now more than ever it's time to be intentional about taking care of you.

How can we help? Imagine an enjoyable way to diminish daily stressors . . . Delight your senses AND provide therapeutic benefits to your body with Aroma RockIt. Have a look at our shop to see which blends are best for you.

For many of us it's challenging to make time for ourselves. You can start by doing a little something every day. For those who already have it going on - Way to Go! If you you haven't begun a self care regimen, we encourage you to make a plan today. You are So Worth It!

Get Your BEST Sleep

Establish a regular bedtime and waking schedule and routine.

Prepare early: Before binge watching that new show, brush your teeth and put those jammies on.

Consider using an alarm to start your routine or as a prompt to head for bed.

If time allows, consider a relaxing bath, some gentle stretching, or deep breathing.

A cool, dark, quiet environment promotes the best sleep. A comfortable eye mask or some earplugs really could change your life.

Unplug from electronic devices 30 to 60 minutes before lights out. If you must leave your phone on, consider moving it a distance from the bed.

Some light reading, prayer, or meditation can really set the stage for restful slumber.

One final tip: A double whiff of InYourDreams can fill you with a warm sense of comfort, promoting deep relaxation and sleep.*

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